Library Building, WIT
Project Title:                Library Building, WIT 
Client:                          Waterford Institute of Technology
Architect:                     A & D Wejchert
TPE Consulting Engineers Services:Mechanical and Electrical
Value:                          $11.4 million
Completion date:                      2000



Project Description

The new library building at Waterford Institute of Technology was opened in 2000.  This 5500m2 building was designed for maximum energy efficiency and is the recipient of the first ever Environmental/Sustainability ward in Ireland.  It was awarded the Minister for Environment Sustainability Award in the year 2000.  It also received a Construction Excellence Award in the same year. 

TPE Consulting Engineers Services

The large internal reading space has a pleasant and airy feel where the principal support to the double height space is provided using glue-laminated timber beams. This is another example of architecture and engineering combining to give a striking solution with low embodied energy. 

The building is naturally ventilated and uses the thermal mass of the building in order to regulate the temperature of the internal environment. In addition higher insulation levels than where required than building regulations were provided in order to improve the building’s energy performance. Solar shading was provided by means of Brie Soleil on the critical elevations and the location and shape of the buildings was designed in order to maximize daylight penetration into the building. 

Building Orientation                               North Side Glazing/ South Side Brie Soleil
Equipment Selection                             Low Energy Heat Output
Thermal Mass Cooling                
Natural Light Embedded Thermocouples
Measuring Success                               Embedded Thermocouples
Assisted Natural Ventilation  

Award Winning Project

Winner of Sustainable Building Award in Education & Healthcare Category of Construction Excellence Awards 2000 from Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)